Ethiopian Airlines:

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the banner bearer of Ethiopia. Amid the previous sixty five or more years, Ethiopian has ended up one of the mainlands driving bearers, unrivaled in Africa for effectiveness and operational achievement, turning benefits for every one of the years of its existence. Operating at the cutting edge of innovation, the aircraft has additionally gotten to be one of Ethiopia’s real commercial enterprises and a veritable establishment in Africa. It charges a lion’s offer of the container African system including the day by day and twofold every day east west flight over the mainland. Ethiopian right now serves 80 universal destinations working the freshest and most youthful armadas.

How we started:

Sponsored by the glory of legislative bolster, Ethiopian aircraft owes a dynamite history of around 73 years.It was formally established in 1945. In anyear, it began its first authority operation in 1946 by making in lady flight in a Douglas C7. The course which it flew through was Addis Ababa to Asmara to Cairo. It is related to specify that the initial 5 planes ((Douglas C7s) were talented to the carrier by US government. The main residential flight which was enthusiastically and effectively acquainted flew with Jimma. From that point forward this is truly a trip loaded with triumphs.

Our Fleet & Cargo Fleet:

The aircraft procured a progression of Convior CV 240, with a specific end goal to work whole deal worldwide courses all the more adequately. The principal whole deal flight endured in 1950.At present Ethiopian carrier is working towards its destinations productively through after striking cutting edge airplanes and dream liners which include: Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777-200 LR, Boeing 737-800 Next Generation air ship, Airbus A350-900s, Boeing 777Fs, Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 NextGens, Boeing 787-8.Boeing 757-200Fs, Boeing 757-200 PCF, McDonnell Douglas MD 11F All these gigantic and essentially astounding flying machines developed an extraordinary help in accomplishing our point of interest and guaranteeing agreeable and safe flight to our clients who are a resource for us.


To wind up the most aggressive and providing so as to drive avionics bunch in Africa safe, business sector driven and client centered traveler and payload transport, flying preparing, flight cooking, MRO and ground administrations by 2025.


turned into the main Aviation bunch in Africa by giving protected and dependable traveler and payload air transport, Aviation Training, Flight Catering, MRO and Ground Services whose quality and value worth suggestion is constantly superior to anything its rivals.

To guarantee being a carrier of decision to its clients, business of decision to its workers and a speculation of decision to its Owner.

To guarantee being an aircraft of decision to its clients, business of decision to its workers and a speculation of decision to its Owner.


As an aircraft, wellbeing is our first need.

Ethiopian is a superior and learning association with constant enhancements, advancement and information sharing. We acknowledge change for the development opportunity it brings and dependably look for and apply the best thoughts paying little mind to their source.

We perceive and compensate representatives for their execution and show respectability, appreciation to others, sincerity and collaboration.

Act in an open manner and be result situated, imaginative and creative.

Receive Zero resilience to lack of concern, wastefulness and administration.

Energize 360 free stream and sharing of data.

Treat our clients the same way we might want to be dealt with and dependably search for approaches to make it less demanding for clients to work with us.

We are an equivalent open door manager.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Ethiopian Partnering with the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia to Provide Medical Care Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - 24 October, 2013

Ethiopian is a corporate native occupied with non-benefit exercises that backing the group on the loose. One such illustration is the longstanding association in the middle of Ethiopian and the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia. For over 7 years. Ethiopian has been joining forces with The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia, which gives life sparing operation to youngsters with coronary illness on account of restorative experts, who volunteer their time and aptitude to perform cardiovascular surgery. Before the dispatch of the cardiovascular focus at the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, in February 2009, several kids needed to fly out abroad to get therapeutic treatment for their heart condition. Around then, Ethiopian had extended its assistance by giving free air transportation to the youngsters to go to the USA, Tel Aviv, Delhi, and Bangkok, with the goal that they can experience heart surgeries. After the foundation of the cardiovascular focus, Ethiopian has proceeded with its backing by offering free air transportation, to the volunteer restorative experts, who originate from distinctive parts of the world to perform heart surgery. Ethiopian likewise underpins the heart focus by profiting free shipment of restorative hardware and life emotionally supportive networks, which fabricate the cardiovascular focus. Altogether, Ethiopian gave bolster that empowered to give medicinal consideration to more than 1500 kids.